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“The school is a friendly, secure environment, where pupils flourish both academically and socially because of the high levels of care” - Ofsted


(written by the Children in Rowan class)

Rowan is a really lovely class and we would like to tell you about it!  When you first go into Rowan you may find it a bit scary but when you leave you will be in tears! We are very kind children who help others. We are all honest.

We do lots of subjects in Rowan including maths, English, science, french, ICT, PE, music and art. If you do a good piece of work you can take it to Mr Cook and you might get a special sticker or housepoints. 

Some quotes from Rowan Class

“I love Cameley School because I have lots of friends and all the teachers are really kind to me”

“ I like Cameley school because it is like a big family group”

“ I like Class 3 because I like reading and there are a lot of books”

“ I like Cameley school because it is a good place to learn stuff”

“ I like Cameley school because I’ve made lots of friends and I know I am safe”

“At Cameley school even if you do something wrong there is always a new beginning”

“Everybody in our class is friendly, kind, helpful, honest, patient and fair.”

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